The Middle East Theatre Project

Audition Poster

PluralArts International and the Princess Kira of Prussia Foundation bring together teenagers from Israel and Palestine to create and present an original musical in two weeks. After auditions and initial brainstorming in the Middle East, those selected to participate fly to Germany, where they are joined by the American and German students working with them on the project.

Living together in close quarters at the historic Hohenzollern Castle, the participants spend several days hashing out a story. After a vigorous exchange of ideas and opinions, they ultimately manage to put aside their differences and focus instead on their common goal: preparing a musical for the hundreds of spectators due to arrive at the castle in a matter of days.

See below for how total strangers and ostensible enemies become friends through the power of music, theatre, and a true commitment to work in harmony.

Would you like to participate in this year’s project?


2 thoughts on “The Middle East Theatre Project

  1. I’m fascinated from the middle east theatre project … and I have friends in Israel, who are interested … a 16 year old girl loving music and theatre … is it still possible to join? And how is the procedure?
    Best wishes, love

  2. Hi Tood, It is Sonia, the girl you help to arrive safe at Charlotenburg train station in Berlin. I have tried to write you by email but it seems I did something wrong because the server send me my mail back… anyway, thanks for your help. I have been watching the video about your project and it is amazing how much you are doing for this children. If I could help in some way just let me know. And if you want to come to Spain you are welcome.

    Sonia Camino.

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